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Clinker Castle

Blow the royal trumpets!

The royal family live in Clinker Castle and are larger than life in every way. They live in a castle, have a dragon for a pet and go swimming in the moat! But that doesn't stop the Prince and Princess from teasing each other and fighting all the time - just like every other brother and sister! This fun-filled set is gorgeously illustrated by Andy Hamilton with pictures set in landscapes that are full of funny critters.

You will want to read them over and over again!
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Pirate Cove

"Ahoy there me hearties!"

Meet Captain Red Beard, Lizzie, Bones the sea dog, Fingers the parrot and the rest of the salty, sea-loving, pirate crew aboard their ship the Black Beast. Sail the seas looking for sea monsters, mermaids, buried treasure and sometimes each other!

This sea-and-sun-filled set is wonderfully illustrated by Craig Smith with pictures that welcome you into this exciting world - a perfect child's view of pirate life.
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Lost Island

Thud! Roar! Crash!

Here come the dinosaurs running through the jungle.

T-Rex must be hungry.
Pixies, dinosaurs and wild children all live happily
together on Lost Island. This tropical paradise is home to River and Pebble – our two young siblings who live in a tree house, play with dinosaurs and have pixies as best friends.

With illustrations by Ritva Voutila, these books are a magical experience that stretches the imagination and lets it soar high above the treetops.
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Fantastic Forest

Fantastic Forest Description Still Needed.
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