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Information for Parents

The STORYLANDS site lets children

  • Read each book online - each book is read aloud
  • Answer a quiz about each book - to check reading comprehension
  • Play a new reward game after every book - to motivate children to read more
  • Join the STORYLANDS club, create an online character and track their progress.

Learning to read is an essential skill for every child. Some children pick it up easily while others struggle. Whatever the ability level of your child, STORYLANDS will help children develop a real interest and joy in reading. These are books that children like to read. They are full of fun, humour and great characters. And they are set in exciting places.

We want children to enjoy the learning-to-read experience, so that they go on to become good readers who like to read. Wonderful books, with excellent stories, that are beautifully brought to life by some of the world's best illustrators. And to make the experience even more motivating, we've added this fully integrated website where children can read each book online, answer a quiz about the book and be rewarded with a fun game that is set within the land they're reading about. It's all about getting kids excited by reading and motivated to want to read more and more everyday!

Each STORYLAND has 30 fiction books with reading levels from Kindergarten to Year 2.

The two STORYLANDS available now are Clinker Castle and Pirate Cove.

In each set, Book 1 is the easiest to read and book 30 is the most advanced book in the set. The 30 books are divided into three broad reading levels with 10 books at each level.
Books 1 - 10
Books 1 - 10 are for emergent readers who have just started to read.
Books 11 - 20
Books 11 - 20 are for early readers who can read a few lines of text per page.
Books 21 - 30
Books 21 - 30 are for children in years 1, 2 or 3 who can read books with more than 100 words.

Every book can be read again and again. The games can be played again too.